DIY Ornaments- stars/snowflakes

Homemade ornaments? Not as difficult as you thought. 

 20131127-111816.jpg      20131127-111840.jpg

I really like this ornament idea because it is so family friendly. I do recommend an adult for the hot gluing, but beyond that all the little family members can join in! Everyone can decorate in some way that is within their skill level whether that be adding glitter, finger painting, or something from your own imagination.

What you will need

  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Clothes pins
  • Paint
  • Wire or String (to attach the ornament to the tree)
  • Anything else you wish to use for decorating your ornament- i.e glitter, newspaper, googly eyes…..


  1. Take the Clothes pins apart by taking off the wire piece.
  2. Place the pin pieces together how you want them, making a star or any shape you want!
  3. Have an adult hot glue the pieces together
  4. After glue is cooled and dried (this will take a few minutes) you can begin decorating
  5. Use a small wire wrapped around the indents to create a hook. OR tie a string into a circle through the middle OR you can  hot glue the wire or string to the back
  6. Hang it up!

About llindsayllou

I am a young woman growing up in the United States. Learning more and growing more everyday, the more I find the less defined I feel. Looking to find myself and a place to call home in this busy, often times cold hearted world.
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