baby pumpkin pies- DIY baking

The hardcore cheaters/awful baker way.

I made 24 mini pies

What I needed

(2) Premade pie crusts- 9 Inch

1 large eggs

1/6 cup evaporated milk or .25 fluid ounces

1/2 Can Pumpkin Pie Mix


 What I Did

  1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees.
  2.  I took 2 pre made 9 inch pie crust unrolled it and used a rolling pin to make it thinner and larger. Placing them in the muffin pan as I went. DON’T FORGET TO USE FLOUR
  3. This made me 24 baby pies!
  4. Then I followed the directions on the “Easy pumpkin pie mix” for the filling- mixing together evaporated milk and eggs with the mix.
  5.  I added about a tablespoon of filling in each crust-smaller crusts less and larger ones more.
  6. I cooked mine for about 20 minutes.



I have seen these mini pie or baby pies all over the internet so there isn’t really a direct place to give credit. I would like to mention that I have seen some people make toppers, such as this blogger , they use mini cookie cutters to make shaped crust on the top of the baby pies. This is so adorable! Wish I would have done this because mine look a little blah..

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DIY Ornaments- stars/snowflakes

Homemade ornaments? Not as difficult as you thought. 

 20131127-111816.jpg      20131127-111840.jpg

I really like this ornament idea because it is so family friendly. I do recommend an adult for the hot gluing, but beyond that all the little family members can join in! Everyone can decorate in some way that is within their skill level whether that be adding glitter, finger painting, or something from your own imagination.

What you will need

  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Clothes pins
  • Paint
  • Wire or String (to attach the ornament to the tree)
  • Anything else you wish to use for decorating your ornament- i.e glitter, newspaper, googly eyes…..


  1. Take the Clothes pins apart by taking off the wire piece.
  2. Place the pin pieces together how you want them, making a star or any shape you want!
  3. Have an adult hot glue the pieces together
  4. After glue is cooled and dried (this will take a few minutes) you can begin decorating
  5. Use a small wire wrapped around the indents to create a hook. OR tie a string into a circle through the middle OR you can  hot glue the wire or string to the back
  6. Hang it up!
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Current ongoing project (girls only)

My biggest current ongoing project is very important to me.

Drum roll pleeaase..


Upcycled (or not) Cloth Menstrual Pads!

okay, so I’m sure that the majority of you had a first reaction of  “ew that is so gross so gross.” And ultimately you may indeed be correct, however  not nearly as much as you might assume it would be. This is something that is very important to me and I believe in very much. I do not like to create any unneeded waste for our earth and I also do not like chemicals to be in, or against a passage way into my body. I highly recommend cloth pads to any woman and I am considering making some to sell on Etsy, so if you are interested or have suggestions make sure to give me a shout.

for an overview on how they are used, the pros and cons, how they are to be washed, stored, and lugged around with you click here 🙂


that being said, I have been making/using these for about about a half of a year. I have found many patterns and directions, and I have only successfully created and enjoyed one specific pattern. I got this free pattern from The Eco Friend Family and do not take any credit in creating it! I really like this pattern because of its small comfortable width and its descent sized length. (8 1/2 inch) I do not follow the directions written on the pattern because I found them time consuming and not necessary, If you follow the directions you will end up with a ‘prettier’ pad. However the beauty of the product does not matter to me, being that it goes in my underpants. Thus I leave messy edges and poor sewing lines. If you do not want these imperfections then by all means you should follow the directions directly. If, on the other hand, you are like me and just want a working product that does not take up much time to create, then here is your  steps. Along with advice and reasons of importance for each.



  • 100% cotton- I prefer old t-shirts because they are really comfy! The amount isn’t specific, and one medium t-shirt will make 2-3 pads. (if you don’t want to upcycled for this project Cotton fabric can be purchased anywhere that sells fabric, and hemp fabric is a big alternative that I have not yet tried.
  • Fleece- This type of fabric is absolutely necessary in my opinion and I have used old cheap fleece throw blankets. You do not need very much at all for this, just enough to trace the pattern. One trace = one pad.
  • Pattern- printed out, you will need at least two copies!
  • Pins (or I used safety pins as a beginner sewing)
  • Scissors
  • Needle/Thread OR sewing machine and threads
  • Pencil
  • Snaps (like the ones on baby onesies)



  1. Cut out the pattern, Cut one with the wings and one without the wings. 20131126-202044.jpg
  2. Place the wingless pattern, onto the Cotton fabric and trace the pattern. 2-4 times (You may fold it over these 2-4 times and trace once if you are feeling talented)
  3. Pin the 2-4 layers together as uniformly as possible.
  4. Sew (By hand or with machine) them together at the edges, or close to the edges
  5. You will want to create ridges in the pad by making ovals roughly the shape of your pad ♦    20131126-202355.jpg
  6. Trace the pattern with wings onto the fleece material(you only need 1)
  7. Sew the wingless, cotton layers onto the fleece. PICTURE!
  8. The snaps must either be hand sewn on, as I prefer OR there is an about $15 tool that will clip the snaps onto you’re fabric for you (YOU MUST BUY DIFFERENT SNAPS FOR THE TOOL THAN FOR HAND SEWING) —Snap sewing tutorial below if needed

♦= these ridges are very important because they make the pad more like to absorb faster and absorb in the way of length rather than width(keeps from side leaks) It helps to keep you the most dry, and hold the most. Without the ridges the pad will not function properly!


Snap Sewing Instructions

attaching the snaps is actually very easy, but also very important to be done correctly!

  1. Get out the snap and make sure that you have both sides and they fit together
  2. When beginning sewing the snaps on be absolutely sure that you are sewing the correct side upwards! (especially with the socket!) I cannot tell you how many times I have sewn a snap the wrong way and had to resew it on.
  3. Additionally before sewing the snap on you must be sure that the know of the knot is on the opposite side that they snap together (if they knot is between the two snaps then it cannot clamp shut) PICTURE
  4. Now you are ready to sew the snap shut, keeping steps 2 and 3 in mind, start anywhere on the snap.
  5. Start by putting the needle through the hole in the snap, then back down on the out side of the snap.
  6. Move to the next snap hole and do the same, keeping moving until you have gone through each hole twice. (there will be two pieces of string holding onto each hole.



if you have any questions, suggestions, or need clarifications, don’t hesitate to ask. I will be sure to get to them as soon as possible.


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Revealing the Truth on Cloth Menstrual Pads

First of all I would like to say that all the information that will be presented to you in this post is from my personal experience unless said otherwise. Another disclaimer: this is not meant to push you or persuade you to switch to cloth, but just to recommend them, and present you with the needed information to make your own decision on them.

Why I turned to cotton..

I think that cloth pads are a great alternative to store bought pads for many reason, including the waste decrease and the chemical decrease for your body. The reason that I originally began exploring the use of cotton pads was because I was getting chemical burns for the pads that I was using. (Always Brand)

How I Clean Them

It is very important to soak the cloth pads the night after using them, even if you do not clean them right away. This is very important because it keeps them from becoming smelly and help to wash all the yucky out when you are ready to wash. I soak mine for 20+ minutes in warm water with a touch of laundry soap. I then clean my cloth pads in their own load of the washer on gentle. I do not put them in a laundry bag or a pillow case and I have not had any trouble yet but I recommend that you use one of them because I am bound to have trouble eventually. I dry them in the dryer as usual.

How I Keep them In My Purse

Obviously cloth pads do not come in small baggies (Earth thanks you) or in convenient little plastic packages (really She’s thankful) What I have done to carry my pads, soiled and cleaned, in a discreet manner, is very easy and you probably have the needed items at home.

You will need:

Medium sized makeup pouch (that fits in your purse)

wet and dry bag (a plastic like covered zip up pouch)

Ultimately I keep all of the clean pads in the make up pouch, and also have the wet and dry bag inside the make up pouch. The wet and dry bag does not have to be in the make up pouch but I prefer to keep it inside the make up pouch for added protection. (I babysit) When the pad is soiled it is very easy to neatly (without touching any yuck) Fold it up to be put away.

You fold the length into the wings and snap the wings around the folded up bundle to hold it together.  PICTURE You can then take the bundle and place it into the wet and dry bag. When the wet and dry pouch is zipped no moisture or wetness can escape the bag. No scent is released from the pouch either.

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This blog has been started but has not been added to yet! I am so sorry for this! I have been beyond busy with my junior year of high school and moving to a new house.  I am hoping that this blog can begin to take off now, just as soon as I get wifi! lol.  Obviously I am quite struggling with this but I promise I am trying and working hard to get her going. Hoping to have a few posts of my current projects by the end of the week, sorry for the wait and thank you for your patience.

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My first post!

I have been thinking about starting this blog or a blog like this for a while now! Hope you all enjoy. Be patient as I get it up and operating.

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